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"Elvium has helped us compare candidates with measurable skills, which has saved us a significant amount of time in the screening process."
Kristian Nygaard
Administrative Director, Danish School Chess Association

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The battle for candidates has become more intense than ever before. Attracting candidates should be high on the agenda, but how do you do it and what does it involve? Attracting candidates includes a strong employer branding strategy and a career site... Read the full article here.

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Recruitment mistakes are expensive. It is estimated that a bad hire of an account manager can easily cost between 200,000 and 700,000 DKK, while a bad hire of a sales director can typically be counted in millions when all costs and lost revenue are factored in. Therefore, hiring the right employee - the one who can fulfill the desired tasks, create value and stay with the company - is a lucrative business. Read the blog post here.

Experts say AI chatbots like ChatGPT
can help recruiters find highly
specialized and engaged candidates.
Finding the right person for the job can be
like finding a needle in a haystack, especially when it
involves difficult positions that require
specific technical skills... Read the full article here.

How do you ensure that candidates choose your company when you're hiring in droves? Burger King wanted a process where it was quick and easy for candidates to apply for a position - and it triggered tons of applications. Read more about it here.

Your organization should be aware of the importance of promoting itself as an attractive workplace, especially in light of applicants' increased access to digital channels. Your employer brand is the way you differentiate yourself in order to recruit and retain the right employees.

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