Who uses Elvium?

Elvium serves both large organizations and smaller companies.

The secret behind the broad appeal is the simple and easy to use interface that makes e-recruitment accessible to everybody.

Mette Schou Vestergaard
HR Partner, Babysam
”Elvium has helped us run a significantly more efficient recruitment process. The system provides a useful overview, an intuitive interface for both recruiters and candidates, and it has been easy to include managers when evaluating candidates. We use Elvium for all our recruitment projects and cannot imagine using another system.”

Liselotte Christensen
HR- & chief communication officer, XL-BYG a.m.b.a.
”We have used Elvium for two years at the Danish Association of School Chess. Elvium has helped us compare candidates against measurable skills, which has saved us a significant amount of time in the screening process.

Elvium provides a good overview, which we estimate to save us about 30 minutes per candidate. This time we are able to use for other administrative tasks, or increase resources dedicated to the short-listed candidates.”

Kristian Nygaard
“I think that Elvium is a good and convenient system. We like the option to comment and rate candidates in the system – the whole team uses this feature. The booking system is another great tool, where candidates can book their own interview. We get a lot of positive feedback from our candidates, using this option. Lastly, we value our reputation at Vipp. Hence, it is important to us that we respond to all applicants. Elvium makes that easy.

We like to use the questions feature, such that the candidates know what criteria we have for them at an up-front basis. For example, it wasn’t too long ago that we were recruiting for a Sales Manager. We knew that the position included 100 travel-days annually, so we made sure candidates matched this criterion and were ranked higher in the overview. Candidates that did not match this criterion were ranked lowest, and we saved time.”

Heidi Egelund
HR Manager, Vipp A/S
“Elvium’s e-recruitment has been an extremely valuable tool for us. The clear and simple overview of our candidates saved us a lot of time. The detailed candidate profile facilitates an effective screening process. Integration with Facebook and LinkedIn makes it even better. Elvium automates, optimizes and creates value – We love it!”

Eske Gunde
CEO, Actimo
“At OFS Denmark ApS we have been using Elvium for about 2 years. The platform has been developed continously and Elvium always listen to customer input. Customer support is very good and the system helps us just the way we were hoping for. It is easy to use and GDPR compliant to give managers access to different projects and the system is very intuitive. From the candidates point of view it is easy to apply and this is good Employer Branding we think.

The latest Media Module gives flexible and proffesional looking layouts. Rating questions helps us screen candiates and the autoamtic booking system is a great service towards candidates and saves us time. On top of this applicatons are automatically deleted according to out Data Protection Policy wihtout us having to do anything. All in all Elvium fully lives up to out expectiations of a felcible, moder and proffesional recruitment system. We highly reccomend it.”

Mie Fischer, OFS Denmark ApS

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