Elvium’s recruitment system is developed for companies both large and small

Burger King Denmark says, among other things, that “the system is very user-friendly. It gives us a great overview and has many smart features that make the process a lot faster for our managers in the restaurant.”

LEAN culture led VIPP into using Elvium 💡

“We have adopted a LEAN culture here at VIPP, and the way we use Elvium is that managers can read applicants, write notes and rate the candidate. This makes it easier to find the right candidates that we will call for an interview.

It’s easy to be hands-on in the system, and we like the way you can communicate with the candidate.”

Dansk Skoleskakforening saves 30 minutes per candidate

"We have been using Elvium for two years in the Danish School Chess Association. Elvium has helped us compare candidates with measurable skills, which has saved us a significant amount of time in the screening process.

Elvium provides a good overview, which we estimate will save us around 30 minutes per candidate. This enables us to spend time on other administrative tasks or increase the resources dedicated to the shortlisted candidates."
Kristian Nygaard
CEO, Dansk Skoleskakforening

BabySam recruits more effectively with Elvium

“We wanted a system that was easy and intuitive. It should be easy for our store managers to read the applications. We like the match function, which allows us to see which candidates best match our requirements, so we know which applications to start with.”

Employment contracts in one unified system

Henrik and Merete from Knuthenborg Safaripark say:
“Before we used Elvium, our entire flow of recruiting and contracting people was much more paper-based. Now we can handle the entire flow in the system, Elvium. It’s a huge saving of time and resources.

"Elvium has helped us run a significantly more efficient recruitment process. At the same time, it has been easy to involve managers when evaluating candidates. We use Elvium for all our recruitment projects and can't imagine using any other system."
Liselotte Christensen
HR & Chief communication officer, XL-BYG A.M.B.A

OFS Denmark is now always up to date on GDPR 🔒

"At OFS Denmark ApS, we have been using Elvium for about 2 years. The platform has been developed continuously and Elvium always listens to customer input. Customer support is very good and the system helps us just as we had hoped. It is easy to use and GDPR compliant to give managers access to different projects and the system is very intuitive. From the candidate's point of view, it's easy to apply and we think it's good employer branding.

The latest media module provides flexible and professional-looking layouts. Assessment questions help us screen candidates and the automatic booking system is a great service to candidates and saves us time. On top of this, applications are automatically deleted according to our data protection policy without us having to do anything. All in all, Elvium fully meets our expectations. We highly recommend it."
Mie Fischer
OFS Denmark APS

Sport24 attracts the right candidates 🎯

Sport24 focuses on giving candidates a true picture of where they are applying and what they are applying for. It is important for Sport24 to show candidates what future opportunities are available at the company and the corporate culture that exists in the workplace. Elvium provides Sport24 with the right tools.

Elvium for recruiters

“My favorite feature in Elvium is the plugin feature, where you can scan the candidate directly from LinkedIn and the candidate ends up in Elvium. Then everyone in our company can see the candidate and post comments. Communication with our customer is easy because all the information is in Elvium and they have their own login.”

Focus on branding

Christian Haas, Head of HR at SPORT24, says: “The career site in Elvium allows us to build everything ourselves without the IT department, so it is extremely flexible and easy for us in HR. That’s why we really appreciate the career site in Elvium, where we can target our various vacancies and attract the right employees.”