Elvium provides you with a fully integrated solution. You can invite your applicants for a DISC analysis directly from the recruitment system.
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Structured onboarding

Elvium provides you with an efficient onboarding process. HR, managers and the department will get a full overview of the activities that need to be implemented to make sure that the new employee gets the best start at the company. The system will also notify any other relevant persons about these activities.

How to customize your onboarding

You can create customized check lists, which will properly introduce new employees to workflows, routines and values, making them feel welcome and secure.

A successful onboarding process is vital. It ensures that the employee receives a proper introduction to the company. The sooner a new employee feels ready to act professionally and socially in the company, the sooner the employee will perform and contribute to the bottom line. This will boost your employer branding and minimize the risk of the employee leaving the position within the first year.

How to make onboarding efficient?

Elvium’s user-friendly, flexible, online recruitment and onboarding system makes it easy for the management and HR department to gain a complete overview of the onboarding process with the necessary activities, ensuring that the new employee gets off to a good start.

A cloud-based online system

Elvium is a cloud-based online system for the recruitment and onboarding of new employees. The system is equipped with different features that provide the HR department and the management with a better overview of the process. You can add checklists to ensure the systematic, structured onboarding of new employees. Elvium enables you to create lists for both departments and specific jobs.

Why onboarding is important

1 out of 4 new employees leave their position within the first year – often as the result of failed or deficient onboarding processes. The new employees do not feel they were properly introduced to the workflows, routines and values, so quickly lose their confidence and motivation. Proper onboarding contributes to the bottom line and creates value for your company – both now and in the future.

Expansion modules

DISC analysis
Elvium provides you with a fully integrated solution. You can invite your applicants for a DISC analysis directly from the recruitment system.
Digital handling of contract
Make the recruitment process easier and more secure by using the contract module. It collects the candidate’s personal data, generates the contract, and is signed using digital signature.
Get an overview of your processes when onboarding new employees, so both employees and stakeholders can keep up. The module can be adapted to your needs.
Video recruiment
Seeing candidates in the application process, rather than just reading their CV and application, can make your recruitment process easier.
Elvium adapts many features for recruitment agencies – including the option of inviting external clients to participate in the screening process.