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Case: XL-BYG

XL-BYG is a cooperative company with 31 shareholders, who together have 98 centres.

In 2021, XL-BYG had 275 job advertisements. It is therefore very important for their efficiency that HR only has to work with the ads in one place – and that the different shareholders only have access to their own recruitments.
"Although the shareholders work together in the XL-BYG chain, they are also each other's competitors. This means that the recruitment process has to be straight and compliant to which each shareholder has access. At the same time, the HR department still have access to the entire platform and all the advertisements and applicants. Our organizational structure is complex, but Elvium has managed to embrace it and the system has been continuously developed according to our needs, so that today it has all the functionalities we need."
Liselotte Christensen
HR and Communication Manager, XL-BYG