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With Elvium you get several ‘recruiter features’ for those of our customers that work professionally with recruitment
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Recruiter features

Elvium provides several ‘recruiter features’ for our professional recruitment customers.

We have devised several functions directly targeted at recruitment firms. So, you are free to spend the day on heavy processes through LinkedIn, email, Excel, Word etc.

You will quickly experience an improvement and optimization of process and bottom line. When using Elvium you can solve a recruitment task with LinkedIn as the only extra platform, and still comply with GDPR.

Optimize your recruitment processes

We built Elvium so the system is intuitive and embraces all steps in the recruitment processes. It can also be used with the customer. It creates value for all parties.

Optimize the recruitment process with the following features:

  • Digitalization of the candidate report
  • Invitations to your customers to see chosen candidates
  • DISC test of candidates
  • Subject bank
  • Easy control of rounds from “Long List” to “customer representation”
  • Import of data from LinkedIn
  • Registration of candidates from their competence profile
  • Compliance with notification obligation
  • Exact control of the data the candidate must provide
  • Branding of the customer via unique advertisement module
  • GDPR compliance at every stage of the process

Better screening

When you receive a job from a customer, it is perhaps because the customer has not succeeded in attracting the right candidates. As a recruiter, you do not tend to receive many qualified candidates by advertising.

Still, there are many recruitment firms that choose to publish a position on their own website, on LinkedIn and in chosen groups. In this context, the firm’s employer branding plays an important role. Together with the recruiter’s expertise, it can produce qualified candidates.

Elvium can provide you with built-in integration to LinkedIn. This enables you to import candidates and group them with the applicants that have applied themselves.

Over the years, we have attracted several recruitment firms that have made Elvium part of their workflow. Elvium is intuitive and embraces all steps in the recruitment processes. It can also be used with the customer. In short, it creates value for all parties in the system.

DISC-analysis as an integrated part of Elvium

An increasing number of recruitment companies are using DISC analysis as a step in the recruitment process. This can easily be incorporated into Elvium.

DISC is a popular personality test that is easy to understand and use. As a user, you end up with a color that describes your personal characteristics. This can be a huge help for companies when it comes to putting the right personalities together in a team.

The right matches in terms of personality give the workplace several advantages:

  • Better communication
  • Better conflict management
  • Productive teams

This is why many professional firms also use DISC analysis for recruitment.


Why say goodbye to the old candidate report?

Because it is more efficient and secure. Traditionally a lot of time is spent on copying and pasting data from a CV and an application into a new document. It requires a lot of time. The information is then emailed to the customer, which makes it difficult to control whether the document is deleted in time and stored correctly.

Elvium enables you to write this information directly into the candidate’s profile. The client is subsequently invited for the ‘round’, in which the candidates will be presented. The client can then give their rating and comments. Everything happens digitally and with no file-sharing. It is easy, efficient and the most secure way to handle GDPR.


How quickly will the investment pay off?

The short answer is the same day as you take on an extra task. Elvium is designed to save time – time you can spend on sales and tackling more tasks.

You can also use a streamlined process as a positive component in sales work, where the client feels even more secure in your hands. A system, in which both you and the client work in a structured way, results in shorter hiring time and higher quality.

This can be seen in the customer satisfaction. We have seen a change in mindset over the past years – especially when GDPR was introduced in 2018. Previously, all recruiters tried to build big databases with their own data, where everything was registered and written down.

Unfortunately, data is quickly outdated, and it is difficult to search for relevant data. The modern approach is to use LinkedIn as the ‘source’ and then import relevant candidates for the specific task.

LinkedIn can be compared to the ocean, from which candidates are fished and transferred to an aquarium, which is then used for the specific task.

Expansion modules

DISC analysis
Elvium provides you with a fully integrated solution. You can invite your applicants for a DISC analysis directly from the recruitment system.
Digital handling of contract
Make the recruitment process easier and more secure by using the contract module. It collects the candidate’s personal data, generates the contract, and is signed using digital signature.
Get an overview of your processes when onboarding new employees, so both employees and stakeholders can keep up. The module can be adapted to your needs.
Video recruiment
Seeing candidates in the application process, rather than just reading their CV and application, can make your recruitment process easier.
Elvium adapts many features for recruitment agencies – including the option of inviting external clients to participate in the screening process.