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Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into a company. It includes everything from introducing them to the company culture and values to training them on their new role and responsibilities. It's an important part of the recruitment process as it ensures new employees feel welcome and competent in their new job.

Use Elvium's onboarding module to get a structured overview of all the activities needed to ensure that new employees get a good start in the company.

Intuitive onboarding system

A recruitment system from Elvium makes onboarding easy and intuitive. 

Onboarding is important because it can help new employees feel welcome and integrated into the company, which can increase their motivation and engagement. It can also help improve employee productivity by giving them the tools they need to be successful in their new role. When 1 in 4 leave their position within the first year, it's partly due to a failed onboarding process. We need to avoid that!

New employee onboarding is an important process that ensures the smooth integration of new employees into a company. It's a process that starts from the moment a new employee accepts the job offer and continues through their first months with the company. Onboarding is important as it helps new employees feel welcome, engaged and competent in their new job.

Become more efficient in your onboarding process with a recruitment system from Elvium.

5 benefits of onboarding

  1. Increased motivation and engagement: A good onboarding process can help new employees feel welcome and engaged in their new job, which can increase their motivation and commitment to their work.
  2. Faster adaptation: A good onboarding process can help new employees adapt faster to their new role and workplace, which can save time and increase efficiency.
  3. Reduce turnover: A good onboarding process can reduce turnover by helping new employees feel welcome and engaged in their new job, which can increase their satisfaction and reduce the risk of them leaving.
  4. Increased productivity: A good onboarding process can increase new employees' productivity by ensuring they have the necessary tools and skills to do their job effectively.
  5. Better cultural integration: A good onboarding process can help new employees integrate into the company culture and values, which can increase their satisfaction and engagement in their new job.

Structured onboarding

With Elvium, you get an efficient onboarding process with structure. HR, management and each department get a full overview of the activities that need to be carried out to give a new employee a good start in the organization. Relevant people also receive notifications through the system for these activities.

Customize your onboarding

You can create customized checklists to ensure new employees are familiarized with workflows, routines and values - and feel comfortable in their new workplace.

Good onboarding is important because it gives the employee a feeling of being welcomed and inserted into the company. The sooner an employee feels ready to act professionally and socially in the company, the sooner they will perform and contribute to the bottom line.

This strengthens your employer branding and minimizes the risk of the employee leaving within the first year.

Recruitment process from Elvium

Onboarding system from Elvium

With intuitive recruitment software, you can create transparency and get an overview of the entire recruitment process. A good recruitment system ensures strong communication, which is crucial for building trust and increasing loyalty.

With Elvium's user-friendly and flexible online recruitment and onboarding system, management, HR and the relevant department get a complete overview of the onboarding process with the necessary activities to ensure the new employee gets off to a good start.

Expansion modules

DISC analysis

With Elvium, you can get a fully integrated solution where you can invite your applicants for a DISC analysis via the recruitment system.

Digital contract management

Automatic contract generation with candidate personal data collection and digital signature.

Video recruitment

Make a better first impression when you request video in the application process. Here, candidates can upload a video of themselves, which can streamline your recruitment.

Recruitment companies

We offer many recruiter features for recruiters who recruit for their clients. Among other things, external customers can access selected candidates securely and professionally.

Career site / Employer branding

Set up a career site with Elvium. The career site, which you can build yourself in our recruitment system, requires no IT resources and allows you to develop your own employer branding universe.

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