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Looking for the most intuitive recruitment system?

Save time, focus on employee diversity, strengthen your Employer Branding, and achieve an automatized screening process – all in one system.

✔️ Time saving

✔️ Mobile and tablet responsive

✔️ Integrations with partners

✔️ Video recruitment

✔️ Automatic screening

✔️ Overview of soft/hard skills

We do everything a bit different - and we think big

Did you know that you can support the sustainable development goals when recruiting? Times have changed and today many people are looking for a work environment that takes responsibility in our world.

One of the things our recruitment system facilitates is a focus on climate and gender equality. This enables you as a company to communicate the message in your employer branding strategy. This will help you attract, engage and retain your employees.

Why choose Elvium?

We want to make it easier and clearer for you to find the right candidates among the incoming applicants for a given position. We also want to make the recruitment system user-friendly for you to create job postings, and handle candidate screening, interview invitations etc.

✔️ Automatic screening and ranking

✔️ Significantly less administration

✔️ Career site & Employer Branding

✔️ Integration with LinkedIn

✔️ Onboarding – video – file storage

✔️ Digital contract management

✔️ Fully integrated with DISC

✔️ Search & Selection module

More benefits with Elvium

Using Elvium to digitalize your recruitment process has several benefits.

You minimize “time-to-hire”. This means typically that by streamlining workflows you shorten the recruitment process by 10-15 times. It will also take less time to set up employees, as you achieve a smoother recruitment and onboarding process.

An analysis with our existing client portfolio has also shown that you will save a total of 24 minutes per candidate. That means, for example, if you hire 35 new employees annually (with 45 applicants for each position), you will save around 630 hours.

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