What is digital contract management?

Digital contract management, also known as digital contract management, is a process that aims to make HR more manageable.

A complete recruitment process ends with a contract being signed. And for this to happen, there must be:

1) personal information (master data) about the candidate is collected

2) ensure that this data is correct

3) add a signature and finally store the contract somewhere where it can be found again.

Digital contract management - a breeze with Elvium

With the digital contract managementIn Elvium's recruitment system, you can complete the recruitment process with fully automated contract management. The unique feature of Elvium's contract module is that it is possible to collect personal information (master data) and digital signature directly from the candidate. It's easy and reduces the risk of errors or incorrect processing of personal data. This way, you are completely confident that you can handle contract management in accordance with GDPR. We are fully integrated with Visma addo.

The system is user-friendly and makes it easy for the candidate to enter personal information and sign the contract with your company. All types of contracts can be handled: salaried, hourly, freelance, etc. In this way, a uniformity is created in the company, where management and HR are aligned on the quality of the handling of sensitive personal data.

Digital security

The contract module is of course GDPR compliant. Personal data is collected via an encrypted connection (AAL) and the contract is stored securely in the system, where access can be controlled and documented via user management and log files.

As mentioned, Elvium works with Visma, which ensures that you get the easiest and most secure solution for digital signatures. Visma Addo supports all platforms (mobile, tablet, PC/MAC). Read more about the partnership with Visma Addo below:

Digital documentation

When using Elvium's contract module, there will be digital documentation that provides an overview and peace of mind along the way. No more lost contracts or contracts that do not live up to the company's standards. The contract will have a nice visual and clear expression. Once the contract is signed, all parties receive an email confirming the agreement with a copy of the signed document.

GDPR is important

See how Knuthenborg Safaripark uses Elvium. Henrik and Merete from Knuthenborg Safaripark say: "The functionality that we are most pleased with in Elvium is clearly the element that allows us to handle all employment contracts in one single recruitment system. It provides a really good compliance in relation to GDPR, and it also provides a sense of security throughout the organization that we have it all in one place.

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