Dreaming of a simple recruitment tool with user-friendly features?

We know you have a busy day and have to deal with many administrative processes. But when it comes to finding new employees, screening candidates and conducting interviews, neither you nor your managers need to spend time on manual processes.
Elvium’s recruitment system reduces the number of administrative tasks and will provide you with more time to concentrate on other development tasks, such as employer branding, diversity, skills development etc.
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Do you find it difficult to get an overview when you start the first screening, and do you spend too much time going through all the applications?
Once you have received candidates who have applied for a given position with you, you often spend most of your time sorting and screening your candidate field – despite the fact that you choose to move forward with only a few candidates.

Elvium’s highly efficient, automated screening feature makes it easy for you to sort candidates based on specific requirements: e.g. questions or skills listed on your application form.

This will also result in more diverse candidates, since you will not be screening on the basis of a biased attitude about an individual candidate, but on the actual requirements of the position.

How much time do you spend sending emails to candidates? Maybe you have forgotten to send a reply to a candidate?
Communicating with candidates can take up a lot of your time – and which candidates have you been in dialogue with and when?

A recruitment system such as Elvium has already automated many processes for you. For example, all applicants automatically receive a confirmation of their application.

In the recruitment system, you will always be able to see which candidates you have sent emails to and when. You will also have a lot of email templates available, such as rejection and invitation to an interview. All emails are of course tailored to your company and to the individual position – with merge fields that save you time.

Candidates often find vacancies while they’re either on the move or on their mobile. It is to be able to access vacancies and apply via their mobile, if they want to.
Your candidates should gain a positive picture of your company when they visit your vacancies. And when candidates apply through your recruitment system, they should be able to upload their application letter, CV and other documents directly from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Developing a mobile-friendly system has always been important to us, so you as a user can also work flexibly with applications from different devices – wherever you are.

Do you collaborate with other colleagues, managers or maybe external companies when ranking, evaluating and screening candidates?
There are often many Excel sheets in circulation when candidates need to be assessed and applications/CVs forwarded and shared internally and externally.

There are many pitfalls when you do not use a system to coordinate evaluations. For example, there are many rules when it comes to sharing sensitive information, deletion of data and lack of documentation etc., which are difficult to address by handling the evaluation process manually.

The chance of losing a sense of the big picture is also high for all parties, and many misunderstandings can occur.

Elvium provides you with many options that make it easy to invite your colleagues/managers/externals to participate in the assessment of candidates – directly from the system.

Each of you can also write comments and record your assessment at the same time. This will delete all data as it should, give you a clear overview and make it easier for the parties involved to participate.

Scheduling and coordinating interviews between you, your managers and the candidates can often be a very time-consuming process.
The first step in the process involves internal time planning between the parties involved. Next, you need to check whether the candidate can also attend at that time.

Our recruitment system makes it easy to schedule interviews. Candidates can book their own time for their interviews, based on the times you have defined. Once they have chosen the time, the appointment is transferred to Outlook using our calendar integration feature.

This saves you a lot of time in terms of coordination, ensuring that everyone gets the appointment in their calendar.

With Elvium, you ensure that you are always in compliance.

Elvium is always up-to-date with the latest GDPR legislation. Everything is updated in the system – so you as an employer don’t have to worry about GDPR. Let the system take care of it for you.

When candidates apply for a position in your company, their experience of the process should be a positive one. But rarely do employers take into account the candidate’s frustration at having to enter their data over and again.
Our analyses clearly reveal that this element that can make an application process difficult, and create dissatisfaction among your future employees.

Elvium gives your candidates the option of applying via LinkedIn or Facebook, so they can easily reuse thee data they have already entered in their application. You may also find that the candidate’s profile becomes more detailed, giving you a better basis for rating them.

It can be difficult to keep track of how much money you’re spending on different media and to gain insight into which media channel that works best for your business.
Our media module makes it easier to create, publish and share your job ads directly from the recruitment system. You will also completely avoid paying high fees to get your ad on the usual job portals, and from Elvium you can share your job on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Based on your company’s branding, you design your own job ads with your own layout, logos and text.

The module is free for our customers.

Video recruitment enables a candidate to record and upload a video. This can provide you with a different and more authentic impression of the candidate, even early on in the screening process.
By using videos of candidates in the recruitment process, you shorten the time you or your managers spend on the screening process.

We have also spoken to several experts who say that, by watching the candidates’ recorded videos, you increase the probability of inviting the right candidates for an interview.

This makes the process more efficient. It can be quicker to review videos and select the candidates you want to see, rather than having to conduct physical interviews with all the interesting candidates.

What do you look for when recruiting new candidates, and how do you form an impression of important, yet soft qualities such as “approachable”, “responsible” or “customer-oriented”?
‘Elvium Talent Match’ uses a soft-skill model from the internationally renowned company, TMA, which addresses personality testing and talent development. The model consists of 50 different soft skills that you can present to the candidate.

Since the process is based on self-evaluation, there are no right or wrong answers. Nevertheless, it provides a good impression of the candidate’s soft skills, and thus a broader basis for assessment and for the interview.

How good are you at getting new employees up to speed and ensuring they gain the necessary knowledge of the company and its different departments? Are you good at retaining new employees?
Onboarding is essential for getting your employees off to a good start in the company. A good onboarding process will also increase the motivation of the individual, which means you also increase the possibility of retaining them for longer.

Elvium provides you with access to our onboarding module, which will support you as a company by prioritizing and following through on good intentions when welcoming new employees.

The system provides you with a template for an onboarding process, which you can of course adapt to your company. Everyone involved in the process will automatically receive a notification to ensure that all tasks are completed.

Statistics give you an overview and the ability to make better decisions based on insightful data.

Statistics provide an overview and insight into your candidate field, so you learn more about who, how and which channels your candidates are applying from. This means that you can, for example, better target your job postings – and get a better understanding of how to attract new employees.

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