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Elvium was founded in 2012 by our CEO, Jesper Andersen

The foundation of our recruitment system started with months of conversations with HR professionals and recruitment managers to learn more about the specific needs of a recruitment process.
We quickly learned about the cumbersome and complex processes that were causing frustration, and what an e-recruitment system needed to do to make recruiting the right people easier.
What our CEO has to say:
“I was especially frustrated with the many bad recruitment systems on the market, and I quickly decided to do something about it. Today Elvium is a serious challenger on the Danish market. It is easy to use for both recruiters and candidates, it has an accurate screening function, providing an overview of the many facets of a candidate, and lots of other state-of-the-art features. Elvium is a market innovator, and today we can still deliver the easiest solution on the market.”
Since Elvium was established, our primary mission and vision has been to deliver the most intuitive recruitment system on the market – and we are still passionate about this every day.


Close partnerships with other relevant players in the market also help create value for customers using our recruitment solution. This is precisely why it is important to work with companies that skilled and specialized in their particular fields.
Together, we can offer a complete solution that creates value across the recruitment process.


Elvium supports good causes in the fields of education or skills development. For example, we support Dansk Skoleskak (Danish School Chess), which makes a huge effort to raise the level of competence in primary schools using chess.

When it comes to job searching, we also want to support those talented people with years of experience who may be overlooked because of their age.

We believe it is important to approach candidates on an equal footing, so skills, experience and personality are the key factors. That is why we support FirmaPlus, which promotes the values of hiring senior employees.

“Elvium helps to ensure that we have the best people on board to improve, develop and expand our activities for children and young people.”

Tine Kamper Holbøll
Team leader, business development
Dansk Skoleskak

We do everything a bit different - and we think big

Did you know that you can support the sustainable development goals when recruiting? Times have changed and today many people are looking for a work environment that takes responsibility in our world.

One of the things our recruitment system facilitates is a focus on climate and gender equality. This enables you as a company to communicate the message in your employer branding strategy. This will help you attract, engage and retain your employees.