Video recruitment 🎥

The video module ensures that the best candidates get seen and hired for the position. You avoid unnecessary interviews with candidates who are not a match for the position.

Use your time on the right candidates

A video clip can give you far more security in terms of inviting the right candidate for interview. Video recruitment increases your chances of finding the right candidate for the job.

Meet your candidates early on in the process

Video recruitment can be particularly advantageous in positions that involve a lot of direct customer contact, since you get a chance to meet the candidate in the initial phase of the recruitment process. It also gives you a better impression of far more candidates in shorter time. The average time for screening a candidate applying on the basis of video recruitment is only approx. 2.5 minutes.

Video recruitment provides you with:

  • A faster, more efficient recruitment process. You can save time on screening and increase the possibility of getting the right interviewees.
  • Better dialogue when you invite the candidates for an interview.
  • An opportunity to gain a better, more detailed impression of the candidate, since we often choose a comfortable environment to record our video in.

Spot talents with video recruitment 🎯

Stream your recruitment process and increase the chances of finding the right candidates for the job. Give you and your HR team more time to spot the right talents and invite the right candidates for a personal interview.

An increasing number of firms are using video recruitment for positions where candidates do not necessarily have a long resume or education, but where the most importanrequirements are personality and appearance. This also gives the candidates a better opportunity to make a good impression before the screening process.

Recruitment based solely on experience has a correlation of only 0.06 between experience and actual job performance! Given this low correlation, you should consider focusing on personality and use video screening.

Expansion modules

DISC analysis
Elvium provides you with a fully integrated solution. You can invite your applicants for a DISC analysis directly from the recruitment system.
Digital handling of contracts
Make the recruitment process easier and more secure by using the contract module. It collects the candidate’s personal data, generates the contract, and is signed using digital signature.
Get an overview of your processes when onboarding new employees, so both employees and stakeholders can keep up. The module can be adapted to your needs.
Elvium adapts many features for recruitment agencies – including the option of inviting external clients to participate in the screening process.
Career page
Set up a career site with Elvium. The career site, which you can build yourself in our recruitment system, requires no IT resources and opens up the possibility for you to develop your own employer branding universe.