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Since 2012, we have, at Elvium, always been a professional and fast-growing Danish IT company with an informal tone. You can find our office in an energetic and central environment in Soho, Meatpacking District, where we gather, with flexible working hours. You can develop yourself, try new initiatives – and build close relationships with our customers. We offer everyone on the team a great deal of responsibility, for our company and our customers.

Will you be part of our continued growth journey? 🌱

We look forward to hearing from you – and are excited to welcome you to our team.

We appreciate you

Freedom with responsibility

We appreciate that we have respect for each other’s ways of working. We are all different, but when we deliver, a space for freedom with responsibility is created.

Mutual respect

Being able to speak directly – but respectfully to each other – is important to us. When we respect each other, we achieve much more together.

Personal development

Time never stands still, and therefore we all need to keep up and take responsibility for our own development. We are good at challenging each other, which creates continuous progress.


To us, it means everything to constantly develop Elvium as a recruitment system, and thereby we set high standards for system development and new features in the system.

World-class service

When we are in close dialogue with our customers and partners, we create win-win relationships. Even though much happens digitally today, we want to be available and provide good service.

Rapid execution

Since we established Elvium, it has always been important to us to keep up with demand and needs. Therefore, we prioritize executing quickly – but with quality in mind.

Elvium provides space for development 💡

Even though we are a small team, we are incredibly strong together.

We are always learning – and we constantly seek to explore ourselves and the HR industry, which we are a part of. Our system must create value and evolve every day, and we know that each of our roles has an impact towards our mission of making it simpler for companies to recruit the right talents.

Will you join our team?

In 2022, we received a Børsen Gazelle, which we are incredibly proud of. It means that we are constantly making a big difference for companies that want to recruit efficiently and targeted towards the talents they are looking for.

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