A career site with a focus on Employer Branding

A good employer branding strategy is important when it comes to attracting and retaining talented individuals. With Elvium’s HR recruitment system, you can easily and intuitively build a career universe where employer branding is the focus.

Employer branding through our career site

Employer branding and a career site make it possible for your future employees to form an impression of your workplace when, for example, they visit your website. Prospective employees often look through ‘Vacant Positions,’ ‘Career,’ ‘About Us,’ or ‘The Team Behind’ on your website. With our recruitment system, you can build an attractive and professional career site.

What is Employer Branding?

Your employer brand consists of two parts: its identity and its reputation. The identity in employer branding is your company’s mission, values, and corporate culture. Your brand’s reputation is the way others perceive your brand. This perception includes, among other things, your company’s history and products/services. But it also includes your employees – specifically, how you value them or don’t value them.

Your organization should be aware of the importance of promoting itself as an attractive workplace, especially in light of applicants’ increased access to digital channels. Your employer branding strategy is the way in which you differentiate yourself with the aim of recruiting and retaining the right employees.

How does Employer Branding work through our career site?

The career site, which you can build yourself in our recruitment system, requires no IT resources and opens up the possibility for you to develop your own Employer Branding universe. Everything from good employee stories, targeted communication, pictures, videos, etc., so your company attracts the profiles you desire.

Benefits of Employer Branding

Benefits of using our career site 🚀

See examples of career pages

Here you can see a few examples of what a career page can look like. Click through to see example 1 and example 2.

See what our customers do

Our customers are happy with their career site and you can see which career site two selected customers have built in Elvium’s recruitment system, Airsupport and DetGladeVanvid.

Expansion modules

DISC analysis
Elvium provides you with a fully integrated solution. You can invite your applicants for a DISC analysis directly from the recruitment system.
Digital handling of contracts
Make the recruitment process easier and more secure by using the contract module. It collects the candidate’s personal data, generates the contract, and is signed using digital signature.
Get an overview of your processes when onboarding new employees, so both employees and stakeholders can keep up. The module can be adapted to your needs.
Video recruitment
Seeing candidates in the application process, rather than just reading their CV and application, can make your recruitment process easier.
Elvium adapts many features for recruitment agencies – including the option of inviting external clients to participate in the screening process.