Become more efficient and accurate when attracting and finding new employees

When recruiting today, it can be difficult to find the right candidates. We have changed that by developing a software system that automatically shows your candidate pool, based on skills, education and experience.

Try Elvium

Try Elvium

Get insight into Elvium in just 30 min. and let’s explore the most intuitive recruitment system on the market. See you online.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process is often unnecessarily lengthy.

Especially in larger companies, a huge number of applications can quickly accumulate, so the HR department or the recruiter has to spend endless time to get through the candidate list. The further you get in the process, the harder it becomes to find the right candidate in the pile.

An intuitive recruitment system

The system makes it easy for the candidates to indicate their competencies (soft skills/hard skills) and use the information from their LinkedIn profile.

Subsequently, the applications are automatically based on competencies and professional relevance of the candidates – and that will save you a lot of work. You will achieve a quicker hiring process and increased diversity in your application process.

The recruitment system also ensures that you comply with GDPR, as all candidates give consent when applying and can therefore decide whether they want their CV to be stored after the process.

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You get the following functions:



All candidates receive an automatic confirmation that their application has been received and is stored in the database. All these email templates, and emails for invitation to interview and rejection etc., can also be customized from position to position.



Elvium means more objective screening of all candidates, based on the specific requirements you choose before the position is published. In the application form, candidates must answer what soft/hard skills/competences they possess - and to what degree.


Calendar scheduling:

Your candidates will have the opportunity to book an interview and transfer the appointment automatically to Outlook with calendar integration.


User access:

You can invite your colleagues to participate in the evaluation of the candidates and choose the rights they should have for the different positions.


Social media:

You can integrate your social media accounts - e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook - and transfer data from your candidates’ profiles to Elvium.


Candidate database:

Gain a better overview of all the data from your candidates - while candidates can create their own profiles using their existing data from LinkedIn, Facebook or Jobindex, making it easier for them to apply for the position.


Personal data module:

You can collect all data and information about your candidate securely in the system. Using Elvium means you are compliant with GDPR, when recruiting.



The statistics provide an overview of, and insight into your candidate field, so you can learn more about who, how and which channels your candidates are applying from. This means you can target your job ads more specific and get a clearer picture of how your marketing department can best attract new hires.

See Elvium live

See Elvium live

Get insight into Elvium in just 30 min. and let’s explore the most intuitive recruitment system on the market. See you online.

Recruitment system – create your own career universe

It is important to focus continuously on attracting new employees – and not only when you need to recruit for a specific position.

Make it possible for your future employees to form an impression of your workplace when they visit your website, for example. This is where they most often look through ‘Vacancies’, ‘Careers’, ‘About us’ or ‘Meet the team’ on your website.

The careers site, which you can build yourself in the recruitment system, requires no IT resources and enables you to develop your own employer branding universe – great employee stories, targeted communication, images, videos etc. – so your company will attract the profiles you want.

The why reason SPORT24 chose our recruitment system

When potential new employees visit your careers site to see your vacancies, they need to be able to identify with you as a place to work, and find out about their development opportunities with you.
All they have to do is select a ‘See vacancies’ button and your careers site will be accessible online. You can create all the pages you want – one universe for students, one for consultants, one for warehouse staff etc.

Read more about what SPORT24 has said about our career module:

““The career module has enabled SPORT24’s HR to adapt, correct, delete and add instantly. HR is no longer dependent upon the time and prioritizing of others. That means that HR is now aligned with our target group. They want things to go fast and happen immediately, and that is exactly what we are able to deliver now.

The career module has made HR think different, and because Elviums product is so user-friendly, it is easy to test, play and try. We no longer need to provide IT or marketing etc. with precise, detailed descriptions of what we want.

The integration with is exactly as easy as Elvium describes. In 15 minutes, we were up and running.”

bubbel - rekrutteringssystem

A modern database - ‘Talents’

Do you have a candidate who does not fit the advertised position, but is worth saving for later?

Candidates who do not make it to the final recruitment process are usually forgotten, perhaps because there is a better candidate for that position.

‘Talents’ is our answer to a modern CV database, where you can search for relevant candidates across different criteria. You can also group candidates into relevant categories – e.g. Account Management, Marketing, Administration etc.

This way you can also compare the saved candidates with the specific skills you are looking for in a new position. 

The CV database gives you following benefits:

  • The option of saving CVs previously submitted by interesting candidates.
  • A quick overview of potential candidates.
  • Efficient and flawless handling of GDPR (personal data protection).
  • Saving time and administration in the recruitment process.
  • Matching your company profile with that of your candidates.

Expansion modules

Elvium provides you with a fully integrated solution. You can invite your applicants for a DISC analysis directly from the recruitment system.
Make the recruitment process easier and more secure by using the contract module. It collects the candidate’s personal data, generates the contract, and is signed using digital signature.
Get an overview of your processes when onboarding new employees, so both employees and stakeholders can keep up. The module can be adapted to your needs.
Seeing candidates in the application process, rather than just reading their CV and application, can make your recruitment process easier.
Elvium adapts many features for recruitment agencies – including the option of inviting external clients to participate in the screening process.