Recruitment system from Elvium

Efficient and user-friendly recruitment system

When recruiting today, it can be difficult to discern who the right candidates are. We have changed that, as we have developed an HR recruitment system that automatically shows you your field of candidates, based on competencies, education, and experience. Our user-friendly recruitment system also ensures that your company complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Why choose Elvium's recruitment system? 🚀

✔️ Time-saving
✔️ Accessible on mobile and tablet
✔️ Strong integrations
✔️ Automatic screening
✔️ Overview of soft/hard skills

An intuitive HR recruitment system

A recruitment system from Elvium makes e-recruitment easy and intuitive.
Applications are automatically ranked based on the candidates’ competencies and professional relevance. This can save you or your employees a lot of work in the recruitment process. With our recruitment system, you achieve faster employment and higher diversity in your application process.
Our recruitment system ensures that you easily comply with GDPR rules, as all candidates give consent when applying. Therefore, they can decide for themselves whether they want their CV to be saved after the application process.
In our system, candidates can themselves specify their competencies (soft skills and hard skills) and use the information from their LinkedIn profile.

Get an easy recruitment process

A recruitment process is often a procedure that can end up taking unnecessarily long – with a recruitment system, you avoid this.
In larger companies, the stack of applications can grow quickly, which can lead to the HR department or the person responsible for recruitment spending a lot of time reviewing the applications. You can avoid this by using our efficient recruitment system.

Create your own career universe with our Recruitment System

It’s important to continuously focus on attracting new employees – and not only when you need to recruit for a specific position.

The career site, which you can build yourself in our recruitment system, requires no IT resources and opens up the possibility for you to develop your own Employer Branding universe.

Recruitment system with CV database

Candidates who do not make it to the final hiring are often forgotten, perhaps due to a better candidate for the position. Our recruitment system includes a modern CV database where you can search for relevant candidates across numerous criteria and titles. This is referred to as “Talents” in our recruitment system.
“Talents” in our recruitment system is our answer to a modern CV database, where you can search for relevant candidates across numerous criteria. Candidates can also be divided into relevant categories, such as Account Management, marketing, administration, etc. This way, with our recruitment system, you can also compare the saved candidates with the specific competencies you are looking for in a new position.
  • The possibility to save previously submitted CVs from interesting candidates.
  • Quick overview of potential candidates.
    Efficient and error-free handling of GDPR (protection of personal information).
  • Save time and administration in the hiring process.
  • Match your company’s profile with your candidates’.

An investment that pays for itself 🚀

The prices are adjusted according to your needs and determined by factors such as annual hires and desired modules. At Elvium, we guarantee the best value for money in the market.

When assessing the price of your new recruitment system, it’s important to look at the total costs. After all, it’s the total recruitment costs (cost of hire) that need to be reduced if you want to optimize your operations. Our innovative recruitment system stands out by significantly reducing the total costs. This results in a good ROI.

Our user-friendly platform streamlines the entire recruitment process, from job posting to hiring. By minimizing time consumption and increasing efficiency, Elvium significantly reduces the total costs, making us the smart investment for your company’s growth.

When evaluating costs, it’s important to look beyond the cost of the recruitment system alone. Elvium helps to reduce advertising expenses, expenses for headhunters, internal administration, as well as the costs of mis-hires and the lost productivity that occurs when there is not enough staff.

Our pricing structure is flexible and based on the number of hires and the modules you purchase. With Elvium, you get unlimited users, which makes our solution even more cost-effective.

So, remember to evaluate the total cost of hire when choosing and invest wisely in a solution that truly minimizes your recruitment costs. Elvium – where innovation and value meet in the world of recruitment.

Elvium prices according to your company’s unique needs. We would like to compile the exact right price, and this depends on various factors. For example, how many hires your company makes a year.

Our pricing structure is therefore flexible and based on the number of hires and the modules you purchase. With Elvium, you get unlimited users, which makes our solution even more cost-effective.

Expansion Modules

Extend your recruitment solution with DISC analysis – fully integrated into the system. Minimize recruitment errors and create more diversity.
Extend your recruitment solution with DISC analysis – fully integrated into the system. Minimize recruitment errors and create more diversity.
Get a structured overview of all the necessary onboarding activities to ensure new employees get off to a good start.
Modernize your screening process with our video module. Spot the talent and invite the most suitable candidates for an interview.

Aimed at recruitment companies looking for optimization of processes that becomes visible on the bottom line.

We set up a career site for better Employer Branding. Easily build your career universe in the system with drag & drop.

Do you have questions about our recruitment system?

A recruitment system is a software solution that assists companies in managing their recruitment process, from creating job postings and receiving applications to evaluating candidates and making hiring decisions.

In other words, a recruitment system helps your company manage recruitment – that is, the entire process from employer branding to onboarding. Our recruitment system ensures GDPR compliance and frees up time for other core tasks.

At Elvium, we have made it a core task to offer fantastic features to our customers, as well as to quickly execute new suggestions from customers, so our system is in constant development. Some of the core functions are:

Creation of job postings: The recruitment system, Elvium, provides tools and templates for creating an effective job posting, which includes job title, job description, qualifications, tasks, benefits, salary, and other relevant information. You can intuitively design the templates with drag-and-drop.

Application forms: Candidates submit their applications online via a form accessible through the recruitment system. Here, you have the option to set your own criteria, which makes screening and sorting easy and manageable as the candidates start to come in.

Talent database: The recruitment system can store and organize the submitted applications and CVs in a database, which can be searched, filtered, and sorted to find relevant candidates for a particular position.

Evaluation of candidates: The recruitment system provides tools for evaluating candidates and making decisions about who should be invited for interviews and who should not. You can send meeting invitations directly in the system with one click.

Communication with candidates: The recruitment system helps to send automatic emails to candidates and provides tools to communicate with candidates in a professional and efficient manner. Everything is gathered in the system, making it easy to get an overview. At the same time, good communication enhances the company’s reputation.

Integration with other systems: Elvium is integrated with other systems to make the recruitment process and experience efficient and easy.

Yes. All candidates are easily and clearly sorted. We recommend getting a demo, so you can see how we’ve made an advanced system easy and intuitive to use. There are plenty of fantastic features that make recruitment efficient.
We find that our clients are incredibly happy with the overview our recruitment system provides. At the same time, we hear that it’s reassuring to know that applications no longer lie in email inboxes here and there, thereby ensuring GDPR compliance. We also hear that the platform’s structure is simple, and many clients are pleased that they can tailor templates to fit their own design. Besides this, some positive feedback points include that leaders can easily follow the application process, the system is integrated with other systems, making it easy to schedule job interviews, and communication with applicants is easy and clear.
We have many clients – both large chains and small to medium-sized businesses. A recruitment system is for you if you want an easy and clear recruitment process. We have developed an incredibly intuitive system that is easy to use. We have invested many resources in making it advanced, so you get significant advantages, but at the same time making it easy to use, so it’s quick to get started with. For example, the system auto-sorts candidates based on your criteria, making it easy and clear for you to start the recruitment. A recruitment system is for you if you want to free up more time for other core tasks, and for you who want to get an overview and control of your processes to strengthen transparency and communication across the board.

At Elvium, we are proud to present numerous integrations that make it possible to send data to your HR system, such as CatalystOne. Here, you can read much more about our many integrations.