World goals

How can recruitment, onboarding and working with sustainability according to the UN world goals be combined?

Most HR leaders know that recruitment and employee development go hand in hand. When finding the right employee to the job is done, a long and hopefully strong cooperation will begin, where the company and employee will develop together.

In the same way it is important that a small new tree that is planted is taken care off, so it can grow large and strong. Without care, water, and light it won’t grow – in the same way a new employee won’t develop without a good onboarding and dialogue.

Elvium Tree Planting Program

Elvium has made a cooperation with several strong and very trustful organizations that ensures planting of trees in different places on earth.

To plant trees is an important part of taking care of our climate. The trees we plant together with Global Climate Institute, WeForest and WIF are in the first part of the project, mangrove trees in Myanmar. A mangrove tree binds approximately four times as much CO2 as regular tress.

Plant a tree when you hire an employee

Elvium invites all new and existing clients to be part of the project in a way where every time an employee is hired through the platform, we will plant a tree! We issue certificates with a series number and GPS-coordinates for the planted tree so the project can easily be followed.

Imaging that you, as part of your welcoming package for a new employee, can attach a certificate that you have planted a tree due to the employment.

Tree Planting Program is part of supporting the UN’s 13th world goal: Climate action and is executed in a close cooperation with Global Climate Institute.

CEO, Jesper Andersen: “We have recently hired a new employee who was very interested in CSR – both internally at Elvium but also to create a model, where our customers could take advantages as part of their own CSR-strategy. The idea has become to Elvium Tree Planting Program, which makes both a possibility.”

Equality in the recruitment process

“Equal right for all candidates” is an integrated part of the philosophy behind Elvium’s recruitment system, as the candidates are evaluated on education, experience, and competencies – automatically and objectively.

We support equality between the genders as ethics in the hiring process is essential to us. And it should not stop here: neither gender, age, genome, sexual preferences, religion skin color or appearance should be a part of the selection criterias in a hiring process.

Many will challenge that it is possible to treat applicants with completely equality as just a name or picture will reveal possible bias as gender or ethnicity.

CEO, Jesper Andersen, has said the following: “We find that it is possible, when a recruitment system with automatic sorting is being used, where requirements for education, experience, screening questions and competencies are part of an objective evaluation of the candidates. When the candidate field is being considered objectives based on the requirements, we can guarantee a first ranging in equal terms.”

 The system behind the automatic and objective sorting is Elvium Smart Ranking and contributes to support the UN’s 5. World goal: Equality between the genders.

About Elvium

In Elvium we work with modern HR software that is easy to use. Our vision is to create the market’s most intuitive digitalization of HR-solutions focusing on recruitment and onboarding.

The system reduces the administrative parts of a recruitment process and increases quality in the process. The customers that use Elvium get more time to focus on the best candidates and more and better applicants. Elvium was launched in 2012 and specialized in delivering a solution for small and medium-sized firms. Among our fast growing group of clients you will find banks, store chains, production companies, recruitment companies, office, IT and restaurants.