Improve your on-boarding with Elvium

You benefit when candidates have properly acclimated to your business, such that they can contribute in both professional and social settings. So, let us get them on-boarded fast! An added bonus to successful on-boarding is that the candidate is less likely to quit.

It is, unfortunately, our perception that despite their good intentions, on-boarding is not a priority in most businesses.

Build structure in your on-boarding

Elvium lets you get oversee the candidate on-boarding throughout the organization, all in one dashboard. This helps quality control and adoption throughout the organization, to ensure that candidates acclimate consistently.

In addition to our suggestions, you have the option to add activities to the on-boarding checklist. We make sure that relevant users in the organization are notified when you assign them to specific checklists. You can adjust the notification frequency, if you find that notifications become overwhelming.

Elvium On-boarding helps you maintain a structured and efficient on-boarding, such that new employees feel motivated and inspired from day one.

The value in effecient on-boarding

If a quarter of all new employees quit within the first year, it is likely because of failed on-boarding. Employees need to feel welcome, they need to feel a part of your business, otherwise they quickly lose their confidence and leave you behind.

Soon as the employee feels adequately introduced, they are ready to contribute with their knowledge and ideas. Want to know more about Elvium Onboarding and how software can help you and your business be more productive? Book a presentation and we will help you explore the benefits with Elvium.


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