What is on-boarding?

A successful on-boarding increases the chances that your new employee is a productive asset and lowers the risk that they leave the position within the first year.

Do you know what on-boarding is all about, and how to produce a successful on-boading?

What is on-boarding, and why is it important?

On-boarding is a term used to describe those processes that are in place to make sure new employees adopt the knowledge and behavior that make them effective in the organization. On-boarding is about providing the new employee with the tools to be effective.

Why is it important to be successful at on-boarding?

The short answer is that ill-informed employees will not perform up to par and risk developing stress. As a result, it is more likely that the new employee finds work elsewhere.

It is not cheap to recruit new employees and you likely have to include an introductory phase, before the employee is able to contribute positively to the bottomline. This is why most businesses look to reduce the churn in employees, and why it is important that on-boarding is structured and effective for both the employee and your business.

Improve your on-boarding with Elvium

Elvium On-boarding will help you build an effective on-boarding program online. HR, management, and other relevant stakeholders will have an easy overview of the on-boarding activities.

Our software is flexible and ready to address your needs. You can, for example, add relevant activities for your particular business, just like you can customize Elvium for specific departments or job descriptions.

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