Product updates

Elvium’s recruitment system is continuously developed in dialogue with our customers.

See latest product updates in recruitment, onboarding and HR features below. We work according to the method “Continuous Deployment” where the system is constantly developed and updated, and you can therefore stay updated on this page.

If you have a wish, we would love to hear from you here, because we believe that close cooperation between customer and supplier provides the best solution.

Product updates are divided into “New Features” and “Enhancements”. Each update includes a ticket number that can be used as a reference if you want more details.

Strong focus on improvements, cleanup and refactoring

Q3 and Q4 saw the optimization of our software code. A lot of work has therefore been put into refactoring, which meant fewer product updates, but at the same time paves the way for more and better updates in the future.

New features

10009 Tags for candidates

10007 Integration to Sympa HR system

10128 Image rotation option

10129 Update position search

10142 FastTrack process

#3327 Attach documents in all e-mail editors + local and global e-mail templates


10225 Add and/or selectors to filters

10254 Hide candidate e-mail in anonymous recruiting/Rename anong users

10239 PDF generation improvements pt.1 (assessments)

10224 Improve UI in contract module

10025 Statistics improvement

10149 Implement loading animation for Position list/Applications list

10137 Add all the Jobnet errors to our system

10003 Refactor the PDF-Uploading module

#3365 Hide “header” and “footer” from job postings

New features

3334 Rescheduling meetings

3372 Microsoft Teams Integration

3253 Add suggested time slots in manual booking system

3332 Integration to 2People

3252 Add recruiter calendar preview in manual booking

3089 Online Google Calendar integration improvements

3225 Multiple recruiters in a one meeting for automatic booking

3238 Recruiters availability in automatic booking system

3207 Integrate to Quinyx

3333 Integration til Tamigo, work force management

3353 Position Search


3379 Reset past bookings when moving between rounds

3367 Add meta image url to job posting API

3348 Better GDPR compliance, company and Elvium consetn seperated into two sections.

3330 Better candidate search options inside positions

3349 New and better LinkedIn Plugin

3323 Option to avoid setting up DNS, much simpler solution with better delivery rates

position setup


New features

3159 Fast track applications

3228 API integration with Quinyx


3260 Allow editing of job areas for positions with applicants

3250 Redesign of Elvium contract management

3222 Improvement of text editor 

3089 Improvement of Google Calendar Integration

3315 “Department” as new column in User Management

3322 Candidate edit request notifies reqruiter

3231 “Advanced settings” removed from position setup

New features

3155 Preview all mails in case of mass invitation/rejection

3154 Sorting of job ad templates

3164 Keep statuses: ‘not interested’, ‘invite’ and ‘maybe’ when moving to new round

2972 Add start date when marking candidate as hired

2973 Show hire date and last working day in onboarding view

3177 Catalyst One integration

3174 Staging for Google integration

3191 Statistics introduced

3192 KPI in statistics page

3204 Source to statistics – “Added by recruiter”

3203 Colors in Statistics


3201 Improve export

3197 Send renewal notification twice

3193 KPI – On a position level

3208 Outlook integration on staging

3182 KPIs Google Analytics

2932 Warning when moving cadidate to roun

3175 Redesing onboarding

2956 Filters introduced (Onboarding)

New features

3099 New copy-paste function from Word
3135 Date format switcher for iframes added
2735 Filtering added to iframes
3122 Validation from Jobnet


3125 Update to billing. Warning displayed when account usage exceeds agreement.
3081 Alphabetical sorting of users in user management.
3083 Sorting of users by role added
3060 Improvement custom domains for career pages
3130 Address added as merge field
3103 Password requirement to update profile removed
3095 Confirmation for user actions improved
3129 Improved PDF conversion

New features

3102 New legislation on age introduced
3123 Easier access between Archived and Closed
3101 Candidate import from Excel added
3106 Candidate export to Excel added
3017 Distance display of Candidate to workplace
3107 Open positions can be displayed as tiles
3109 New contact widget with photo and title
3013 Moving candidates between positions
3114 Case module added


3059 Easier styling (CSS) of job ads
3036 Update for round management (counter)
3092 Update to Elvium for Recruiters
3121 Update to Contract module
3110 Major UX improvement for navigation
3115 Duplication of checklists for Onboarding
3074 Automatic shutdown of access on specific date
3113 Update to Video Recruitment
3053 Update to Elvium Talents (documents)

New features

3061 Full 2-way integration with Google and Microsoft calendars
3087 Integration with Jobindex (ads directly)
3073 Access control for uploaded files added


3075 New option to edit and delete comments
2951 Security update for password requirements

New features

3038 DISC integration, send / read DISC analyzes directly in Elvium
2977 Preview module for all outgoing emails
2425 Elvium for Recruiters, generates easy PDF candidate report
3029 Elvium for Recruiters, track notified search candidates
1671 Elvium for Recruiters, LinkedIn Plugin Launched


3059 Updating CSS on iframes
3055 LinkedIn posts, improving image display
3043 Changing the Date of Duplicate Posts
3023 Change of booking for closed positions allowed
3009 The default text of the job ad module has been removed
3051 Auxiliary universe improved and made more visible

New features

2990 Bias-free recruitment launched. Hide photo, name, age, etc.
3016 New comment module added (private, internal, public)
2929 Whitelabeling of the recruitment process, banner, colors, footer, font.
3018 Profile photo can be selected as mandatory field
3020 Guest role added as hiding menu, Dashboard etc.
3014 Elvium for Recruiters, candidate letter can be created


2928 Better reporting of where the candidate is applying from (website, LinkedIn, Jobindex, etc.)
3024 Candidate profile update
3008 Possibility of e-mail communication with rejected candidates
2981 Consistency between color inputs (Hex / RGB)
2627 Possibility to reopen positions
2950 Job / Training Editing Opportunity for Elvium for Recruiters
3034 Elvium for Recruiters, ignores mandatory fields for Search candidates
3035 Allow identification of candidates from both LinkedIn URL and email
3037 Improving LinkedIn Parser (PDF and plugin)

New features

3003 Graduates can upload photos as application
2969 Right to be forgotten, candidates can now delete applications themselves
2966 Customer integration of LinkedIn integration
2967 Control of which master data the candidate must state
2464 Address added to the candidate’s profile


2988 Export function updated to contain retrieved master data
2978 Froale upgraded (web editor)
2993 Improving digital contract management
2996 Braid fields
2992 New fields added contract management
2949 Corrections to LinkedIn import
2991 View the candidate’s LinkedIn profile after import
3001 Search module added to the contract module
2999 Master data is made available for export / API
2869 Closed positions can be edited
2995 Advanced settings are made more visible
2979 Ziggeo upgrade (video recruitment)
2982 Application button gets variable radius
3004 Jobnet V3
3021 24 months deletion period added GDPR module

New features

2936 Departments introduced
2931 Job areas introduced
2945 Possibility to reuse job templates in subsidiaries / departments
2968 Management of options for document upload in new position
2959 Rounds can now be duplicated along with one position


2947 Fix for the integrated card function
2939 Warning before archiving added
2839 First name added as merge field
2942 Booking system improvement (manual booking)
2952 System Upgrade
2962 Improving booking system (book for others)
2862 Function menu added to the candidate page
2960 Speed optimization for jobs with many applicants
2963 Improving User Management
2943 Booking system improvement (time zones)

Updates from 2020 and back to 2012 are no longer displayed on the page.
If you want insight into how the solution has changed over time, you can always contact us here.