On-boarding new employees more effectively

If you want a new employee to be productive, you need to on-board them properly. In the event that your on-boarding fails, it is more likely that they leave the position soon after they started. This means poor business performance!

Using Elvium, a user-friendly recruting and on-boarding platform, you are able to build effective on-boarding plans for your new employees. This in turn will help your business thrive, today and tomorrow.

Get an overview of your on-boarding and new employees

Elvium is a cloud based recruitment and on-boarding software, designed to empower your HR-department and management to make informed decisions.

You can assign checklists and tasks, in a systematic and structured on-boarding. You can, likewise, create lists for specific departments or job descriptions. As a result, the sales department will only have access to activities related to new account managers.

This ensures in turn that you are able to maintain a good look at the ‘big picture’ and make informed and effective decisions.

Effective on-boarding lowers costs

Recruiting is an already ressource intensive assignment but, without effective on-boarding, successful recruiting can quickly turn sour. For new employees that do not feel welcome, motivation and confidence in your business can soon be in a free fall. This increases the risk, that the new employee leaves the position before they even got started.

Equipped with effective on-boarding, you may soon reduce the employee churn and, as a result, reduce recruitment costs. An added bonus is that the new employee is able to contribute positively to your bottom line faster.

User-friendly on-boarding

Want to know more about the benefits to using Elvium and the advantages that come with our on-boarding features. Book a meeting and we will explore the benefits together.


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