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Why do companies choose Elvium?

The majority of our customers are looking for simplicity. They either use e-mail in their current recruitment process or an older legacy HR systems that are both complex and unable to integrate with social media. Our customers are, furthermore, worried about the upcoming GDPR for 2018. Elvium already meets the GDPR, but customers do also experience a significant time savings and candidates are using less time applying.

Is Elvium only for larger companies?

Elvium is for all companies that want to save time and make the recruitment-process seem less daunting. If you only recruit a couple of candidates per year, Elvium can still help you save time, get an overview, and handle candidates efficient- and professionally.

We work in teams - can Elvium support us?

Elvium is designed for team work because hiring is almost always about getting a good team fit. Our team collaboration features allow you to share comments and rankings across the hiring team.

How quickly can we be up and running?


Yes, no installation or setup is required. Forget about the expensive software solutions. Sign up for a demo and you will be ready to use e-recruitment before you know it!

How about data security?

Security matter to us.

All communication to and from Elvium is encrypted using SSL connections. Our data center in Germany is guarded by electronic access control and 24/7 video surveillance.

What languages do Elvium support?

Currently you can use Elvium in English and Danish.
We support additional languages in as short as 2 working weeks.

Contact us, if you need Elvium in a local language.

Do we need to change our current job site?

No, with Elvium you keep your current web-design and workflow. No need to implement a 3rd party plug-in. Elvium is does also integrate and publish to existing job-portals.

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