Become GDPR compliant with Elvium's HR system ⭐️

HR system that replaces the use of shared folders and provides you with full compliance in HR.
HR modul organization chart

Recruitment and HR go hand in hand 🤝

With one click, you can transfer your new employee from the recruitment process to your complete HR overview.
Elvium’s HR system offers a modern overview of your organization, replacing shared folders and ensuring full GDPR compliance. Add new employees, files, and digital contracts with just a few clicks.
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HR system with many benefits

For those who are accustomed to working with Elvium, you can transfer the newly hired employee to Elvium HR with a single click. If you use digital contract management or DISC, the documents will follow.
Your employees automatically receive a login to Elvium HR, where they can update their own data and keep track of the documents that HR or the manager chooses to share with the employee.
Add new employees with just a few clicks, create departments, and add new data fields. Everything can be done without help from us.
Create an overview for all employees about your organisation. Integrated phone book / employee directory, where key competencies can be searched.
Collect master data digitally, get the contract signed easily, and optimize pre- and onboarding of your new colleague.
Assurance of correct consent, storage, processing, and deletion of personal data.


Good overview in a dynamic chart, where the entire organization, departments, and individual employees can be accessed.
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People HR system

People 👥

A people directory / phone book / employee overview, where you can easily find everyone in the organization.

If you use our competency module, you can quickly find the employee who can help in your next interdisciplinary project.

HR can see the onboarding status for new employees.

People HR system

Employee record

Here all relevant data is easily organised logically into sections.

You can upload documents such as: performance appraisal templates, contract addendums, warnings, etc.

Get an easy overview of payroll data and upcoming salary changes – all in one solution.

HR modul stamkort

Add easily ⭐️

It is quick and easy to create new employees and departments.

Changes are dynamically reflected in your organizational chart.