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In large organizations, talent acquisition can be a quite demanding on HR resources. Applications can pile up and other time commitments can make it an overwhelming task to recruit new talent. The talent acquisition team can easily be drained and, thus, the probability of finding qualified talent is lost in the overhead commitments.

We are excited to announce that Elvium is a user-friendly and intuitive recruitment software, designed to help you find and attract the winning talent. We made it simple, smart, and effective for your talent acquisition team to be successful. Our software targets small and large organizations looking to find an easier way to be efficient and organized with their next hire.

Get an overview

Get an overview

Elvium enables candidates showcase their qualifications and integrate data from social media such as LinkedIn. Let the software sort, arrange, and evaluate your applications based on the candidate competencies and relevant work experience. We think that your time is better spend with the potential candidates that add value to your business – not mindlessly sifting through all incoming applications.

The screening tools in Elvium are objective and lets you sort candidates according to your needs. Take, for example, a store assistant. You need a person with experience in sales and inventory management. Elvium lets you search and find the right talent fast. No time waste and no talents left untouched.

Free consultations

Free consultations

We want to get to know your business and help you customize the best possible recruitment. A free super-user training session is included, to help you get more. Book a free consultation below.


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Online recruitment software

Online recruitment software

Elvium is a cloud based recruitment solution, compatible with Windows, macOS, tablet, and mobile. You can work with your recruitment projects any where with an internet connection. Candidates can, likewise, apply and attach their application from any device.

Our software offers a variety of other features that all assist in effective recruiting. Take, for example, automated receipts for received applications. This feature ensures that all candidates receive a reply, while you don’t have to worry about sending e-mails to the candidates.

Elvium lets you automate interview scheduling, such that candidates can select a timeslot that you predefine. This is more efficient for both recruiter and candidates.

Free support and a user-friendly interface

Free support and a user-friendly interface

Elvium is a user-friendly and easy to access online recruitment platform, and we offer free support to back it up. If you want to know more about the advantages to using an online recruitment platform, our specialists are ready and at your service, book a meeting today.

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