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As a candidate you probably don’t like the idea of a “machine” sorting all the applications, right? But many modern companies use some kind of system to handle incoming applications. So do these systems work? The answer is “it depends”.

Keyword matching is widely used and to be honest it is not very precise. People using CV databases often complain that offered jobs have little or no interest.

The reason is that using keywords from the resume and cover letter gives a very poor match. “Show me the system that accurately tells the difference between. ‘some knowledge of Prince2 principles’ and ‘highly skilled Prince2 practitioner'” says Jesper Andersen, CEO of Elvium.

Elvium is changing the way automatic tracking systems (ATS) handle applications by letting each candidate confirm skills. That way we no longer rely on poor keyword matching.

This gives much better accuracy in the automatic screening process and all candidates are evaluated on equal terms.

What do you think? How do automatic ranking systems develop from here?


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